Printhead Repair Tool for HP 70, 72, 73, 88, 940
Part Number: IHP-940TOOL
Printhead Repair Tool for HP 70, 72, 73, 88, 940
Product packaging may vary
Printhead Repair Tool for HP 70, 72, 73, 88, 940
Part Number: IHP-940TOOL

This printhead repair tool will allow you to resolve severe clogging issues as well as recover a printhead that has failed due to air entry.

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Our repair tool for HP 70, 72, 73, 88, and 940 printheads will allow you to greatly extend the life of your printheads, allowing you to save money! If you are suffering from quality issues and repeated cleanings don't help, this tool is for you!

This printhead repair tool is suitable for the following situations:

  • A severely clogged printhead (in conjuction with our printhead cleaning solution)
  • A printhead that has failed due to air entry
  • See the video to the right for more information on when and how to use the tool:

The tool works by passing ink through the printhead allowing you to fully replace the ink that is inside. To use the tool, simply plug the double funnel into the ink intakes on the printhead, fill it with the appropriate colors of ink, and then use the included syringe and adapter to suck the ink through. The syringe and double funnel are sized to conveniently permit one complete recycling of all the ink inside the printhead.

This tool includes the following:

  • 30ml syringe
  • Double funnel
  • Syringe adapter
  • Easy, detailed, graphic instructions

Ink is sold separately:
HP 70, 73 Bulk Ink
HP 72 Bulk Ink
HP 88 Bulk Ink
HP 940 Bulk Ink

C4900A (#940)
C4901A (#940)
C9380A (#72)
C9381A (#88)
C9382A (#88)
C9383A (#72)
C9384A (#72)
C9404A (#70)
C9405A (#70)
C9406A (#70)
C9407A (#70)
C9408A (#70)
C9409A (#70)
C9410A (#70)
CD949A (#73)

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