Our Company

At InkOwl, we take pride in being able to offer you a personalized, expert, and professional service. Our goal is to bring you high-quality printing products that add value to your online shopping experience.

InkOwl brand ink and toner products are based on proven technology and expertise in the imaging solutions industry. Our products are our way to bring the benefits of ink and toner refilling to as many people as possible. We have been promoting these fine products online since 2001 with over 100,000 satisfied customers.  

We are proud to provide our customers with amazing cost-saving opportunities. The benefits of using compatible cartridges or refilling solutions are obvious. They offer great printing quality at tremendous cost savings. We hope you will join the ranks of our satisfied customers and save a lot of $$$ doing so.

InkOwl is a one-stop shopping destination for all of your printing needs for both home, office, and professional printing. At InkOwl, we want to be the company that has your back when the large multinationals are charging excessive prices for their ink supplies, the friendly company that looks out for you and takes care of your printing needs!   

As our business continues to grow, we will continue to bring you the latest in ink and toner refill kits, compatible cartridges, sublimation and screenprinting ink products, technical expertise and second-to-none after-sales support.

Our Commitment

At InkOwl, we are committed to our two most precious resources, our customers and the environment.

Our customers are at the forefront of everything we do:

  • developing and offering quality and competitively priced products that do not compromise printing performance 
  • providing assistance by email or telephone for placing orders
  • answering technical questions
  • providing information about order status
  • provide after-sales technical and customer support

The environment is our most precious resource! By refilling your existing cartridges or purchasing compatible products, you are re-using existing plastic materials. This will save years of environmental harm from production of new materials, overcrowded landfills and the depletion of precious and limited natural resources. 

Take a moment, think green, think refilling, think InkOwl!

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