*PIGMENTED* 120ml Bulk Kit for HP 940
Part Number: IHP-940BULK
*PIGMENTED* 120ml Bulk Kit for HP 940
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*PIGMENTED* 120ml Bulk Kit for HP 940
Part Number: IHP-940BULK

This InkOwl-brand ink refill kit contains enough ink for about 5000 pages in black or 5000 pages in color at 5% page coverage.

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InkOwl inks are not UNIVERSAL. This means that our inks are specially formulated to suit your specific printer or cartridge. If you cannot find your printer or cartridge model in any of our ads, do not hesitate to contact us. We probably support your printer.

This pigment ink is of an extremely high quality and matches HP specifications in all aspects from color reproduction to viscosity and pigment diameter. This ink will offer vivid, perfectly matched colors, and yield prints resistant to fading from UV exposure, smudging, and water. This ink is equivalent for all intents and purposes to the original HP formulation. The ink works on all papers, including glossy.

A pigmented ink like this one is essential for quality results and for the proper functioning of your printheads. A dye-based ink can cause pigment coagulation which can ruin your printheads. We do not advise the use of dye-based inks in a HP 8000 or 8500 printer. The cost advantages of a cheaper dye ink are outweighed by the cost of new printheads.

Combined with our refillable cartridges for HP 940, this product will allow you to easily save on ink while maintain the same standard of print quality. Our refillable cartridges are incredibly easy to use.

Each Bulk Kit contains the following:

  • 1 bottle of 120 ml. fade resistant pigment-based black ink for HP 940
  • 1 bottle of 120 ml. fade resistant pigment-based cyan ink for HP 940
  • 1 bottle of 120 ml. fade resistant pigment-based magenta ink for HP 940
  • 1 bottle of 120 ml. fade resistant pigment-based yellow ink for HP 940
  • 4 syringes
  • 4 blunt filling needles

This kit is for the following cartridges:

Cartridge Amount of Ink per Refill Number of Refills per Bulk Kit
C4902AN*, HP 940 Black* 28 ml black ink Up to Four (4) Refills of Black
C4906AN*, HP 940XL Black* 69 ml black ink Up to Two (2) Refills of Black
C4903AN*, C4904AN*, C4905AN*, HP 940 Color* 14 ml color ink Up to Eight (8) Refills per Cartridge
C4907AN*, C4908AN*, C4909AN*, HP 940XL Color* 28 ml color ink Up to Four (4) Refills per Cartridge
* For these models, we very strongly recommend the use of our refillable cartridges. This is because the cartridges have chips that cannot be reset. In addition, the ink bag design of the cartridge makes it difficult to properly fill them without the introduction of air bubbles. If you do wish to refill your original cartridges anyway, you will need our Refilling Tool.

To order individual colors or in larger quantity, see our Bulk Ink section.

C4902AN (#940)
C4903AN (#940)
C4904AN (#940)
C4905AN (#940)
C4906AN (#940XL)
C4907AN (#940XL)
C4908AN (#940XL)
C4909AN (#940XL)

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