Chip Decoder for EPSON SureColor P800
Part Number: IEP-P800DECODER
  Chip Decoder for EPSON SureColor P800
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Chip Decoder for EPSON SureColor P800
Part Number: IEP-P800DECODER

This chip decoder will allow you to bypass the cartridge chips and use your North American P800 printer for an additional 30 resets.

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Why do I need a decoder?

EPSON P800 printers sold in the USA or Canada are restricted to accepting the use of aftermarket chips only once, for a single ink cycle of 80ml. So, when you first purchase and install a set of refillable cartridges, the printer will accept them, but after 80ml of ink are consumed on a particular color, that cartridge will stop being accepted.

There are two choices available to you at that point: you can go back to using original EPSON ink on that color slot, or you can install this chip decoder to gain an additional 30 resets of the cartridges. The decoder works by connecting to the printer's motherboard directly, bypassing the cartridge chips altogether.

There is no ETA for the release of auto-resetting chips for P800 printers sold in North America. At this time, the Chip Decoder for P800 is the recommended option for refilling this printer successfully and profitably.

How does the decoder work?

When the decoder is first installed, all ink levels will read 100%. The ink levels will decrease normally as you print. When an ink level reaches 0%, the cartridge will be marked as unrecognized. At that point, you can press the button on the decoder to reset all 9 ink levels. The decoder has 30 sets of serial numbers programmed into it, allowing you an additional 30 resets of your refillable cartridges.

How do I install the decoder?

See the instructional video at the top of the page to learn how the decoder is installed. The installation process does not require any special tools or hardware. However, since some disassembly is required, you must exercise the utmost care during the process.

If you decide that refilling is no longer for you, it is possible to uninstall the decoder and restore the original connection between the printer's motherboard and the cartridge chip reader.

Product Characteristics:

  • Unlock your North American-purchased P800 printer for an additional 30 resets
  • Adhesive backing, for a clean install
  • Press the button to instantly reset all 9 ink levels

Each Chip Decoder includes:

  • Chip decoder circuit for EPSON P800 chip bypass
  • 3 ribbon connectors
  • AC power adapter
  • Easy detailed graphic instructions

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