Wide Format Products and Solutions

A set of OEM Wide Format ink cartridges can cost hundreds of dollars or more. Imagine cutting your ink costs by 60-80% while preserving or even improving the quality of your work! With our Wide Format Refilling Systems and our Wide Format Compatible Cartridges, InkOwl has already made this a reality for thousands of satisfied customers!

You can use our compatible cartridges to maintain OEM-level convenience or opt for our refilling options to unlock maximum cost savings for your business. In either case, our American-made inks are formulated with three objectives: color reproduction, reliable operation, and print longevity.

What our Wide Format Inks offer you:

  • An excellent color match to the original ink with no ICC profiling required
  • Easy, plug-and-play conversion from the original ink (switch just the colors you need)
  • No need to purge the lines of old ink
  • Matching of the original ink type: where the OEM uses pigments, we use pigments and where the OEM uses dyes, we use dyes
  • Custom ink formulation for every printer series to optimize performance and color match
  • Stable and proven ink formulations for maximum adhesion, reliability, and print longevity
  • Manufactured in the United States, so that we can guarantee the exact same ink with every re-order
  • The same ink is used in our refilling systems and our compatible cartridges

Using our Wide Format Refillable Cartridges:

Our wide format refillable cartridges are available for most EPSON and HP wide format printers. These are essentially empty ink tanks intended for easy refilling. They are translucent, making it easy to see the level of ink inside. Refilling is as simple as removing the built-in ink plug and adding in the ink with either a syringe or funnel, depending on the cartridge (we always provide the appropriate apparatus).

By only having to purchase bottled wide format ink after the initial purchase of the refillable cartridge system, you can get the lowest possible price per print, all without compromising the quality of your work. By switching an InkOwl wide format refilling systems, you can save up to 80% on your ink costs!

Our empty refillable cartridge sets can also be used with specialty inks, like our Performance-X Dye Sublimation Ink or our All-Black Screenprinting Ink.

InkOwl Wide Format Compatible Cartridges:

InkOwl offers compatible cartridges for most CANON, EPSON, HP, MIMAKI, MUTOH, and ROLAND wide format printers. These straightforward, plug-and-play cartridges function like OEM cartridges, coming prefilled with our American-made ink, displaying accurate ink levels, and producing beautiful results. Get all the benefits and features you've come to expect, while saving up to 60% on wide format ink!

Our wide format compatible cartridges are filled with the exact same ink we sell for use in our refillable cartridges. This means you get the same great color match and fade resistance no matter which product you choose. More importantly, you can switch back and forth between our refill systems and our compatible cartridges without worrying about compatibility!


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