ICC Profiles for InkOwl Performance-D Sublimation Ink

InkOwl Performance-D Sublimation Ink is designed specifically for use in Epson desktop printers. Use this ink in conjunction with our refillable cartridges to convert an ordinary Epson 4-color or 6-color printer into a dedicated sublimation printer very easily and affordably. For more details, see our guide: How to Convert an Epson Desktop Printer to Sublimation.

Although it is possible to obtain very good results without customized color management, the color gamut will be severely limited. To produce photographic-quality sublimated materials, color management is required. A custom ICC profile will need to be installed into Photoshop, Corel, or your RIP software.

How to Install ICC Profiles:

ICC profiles can be used with all graphics editing programs. See our profile installation guides for step-by-step instructions for both Windows and Mac computers:

ICC Profile Instructions for Windows

For Adobe Photoshop: How to Install ICC Profile in Photoshop on Windows.pdf
For Adobe Illustrator: How to Install ICC Profile in Illustrator on Windows.pdf
For Corel: How to Install ICC Profile in Corel on Windows.pdf
For Affinity: How to Install ICC Profile in Affinity on Windows.pdf
For all other programs (including Cricut, Silhouette, GIMP, Inkscape): How to Install ICC Profile on Windows (ICM mode).pdf

ICC Profile Instructions for Mac

For Adobe Photoshop: How to Install ICC Profile in Photoshop on Mac.pdf
For Adobe Illustrator: How to Install ICC Profile in Illustrator on Mac.pdf
For all other programs (including Affinity, Corel, Cricut, Silhouette, GIMP, Inkscape): How to Install ICC Profile on Mac (ColorSync).pdf

ICC Profile Download:

For 4-color printers, including WF-7210, WF-7710, WF-7720, other WF-series, XP-series, NX-series, CX-series printers:
InkOwl PD 4Color.icm (1,716KB)

For 6-color printers, including Artisan series, Stylus Photo series, and Expression Photo series printers:
InkOwl PD 6Color.icm (1,248KB)

For Stylus C88+:
InkOwl PD C88+.icm (1,719KB)

For SureColor T3170x:
InkOwl PD T3170x.icm (1,717KB)

For EcoTank printers, including ET-15000, other ET-series, ST-series printers:
ET-15000: InkOwl PD ET15000.icm (1,717KB)
ET-16500: InkOwl PD ET16500.icm (1,716KB)
ET-16600: InkOwl PD ET16600.icm (1,716KB)
ET-16650: InkOwl PD ET16650.icm (1,716KB)
ET-2500: InkOwl PD ET2500.icm (1,248KB)
ET-2550: InkOwl PD ET2550.icm (1,248KB)
ET-2600: InkOwl PD ET2600.icm (1,248KB)
ET-2650: InkOwl PD ET2650.icm (1,248KB)
ET-2700: InkOwl PD ET2700.icm (1,717KB)
ET-2720: InkOwl PD ET2720.icm (1,716KB)
ET-2750: InkOwl PD ET2750.icm (1,717KB)
ET-2760: InkOwl PD ET2760.icm (1,717KB)
ET-2800: InkOwl PD ET2800.icm (1,716KB)
ET-2803: InkOwl PD ET2803.icm (1,716KB)
ET-2850: InkOwl PD ET2850.icm (1,717KB)
ET-3600: InkOwl PD ET3600.icm (1,716KB)
ET-3700: InkOwl PD ET3700.icm (1,717KB)
ET-3710: InkOwl PD ET3710.icm (1,717KB)
ET-3750: InkOwl PD ET3750.icm (1,717KB)
ET-3760: InkOwl PD ET3760.icm (1,717KB)
ET-3830: InkOwl PD ET3830.icm (1,717KB)
ET-3850: InkOwl PD ET3850.icm (1,717KB)
ET-4500: InkOwl PD ET4500.icm (1,248KB)
ET-4550: InkOwl PD ET4550.icm (1,716KB)
ET-4700: InkOwl PD ET4700.icm (1,716KB)
ET-4750: InkOwl PD ET4750.icm (1,717KB)
ET-4760: InkOwl PD ET4760.icm (1,717KB)
ET-4800: InkOwl PD ET4800.icm (1,716KB)
ET-4850: InkOwl PD ET4850.icm (1,717KB)
ET-5150: InkOwl PD ET5150.icm (1,716KB)
ET-5170: InkOwl PD ET5170.icm (1,716KB)
ET-5800: InkOwl PD ET5800.icm (1,716KB)
ET-5850: InkOwl PD ET5850.icm (1,716KB)
ET-5880: InkOwl PD ET5880.icm (1,716KB)
ET-7700: InkOwl PD ET7700 7750.icm (1,717KB)
ET-7750: InkOwl PD ET7700 7750.icm (1,717KB)
ST-2000: InkOwl PD ST2000.icm (1,717KB)
ST-3000: InkOwl PD ST3000.icm (1,717KB)
ST-4000: InkOwl PD ST4000.icm (1,717KB)
ST-C2100: InkOwl PD STC2100.icm (1,717KB)
ST-C4100: InkOwl PD STC4100.icm (1,717KB)
ST-C8000: InkOwl PD STC8000.icm (1,716KB)

If you cannot find the profile you need in this list, please contact us for support.


Customized ICC Profiles:

On specialty substrate materials, particularly clear or colored polyester fabrics, you may find that the color match is not adequate with our standard profiles. If this is the case, you will need a custom ICC profile. You can produce this profile yourself using a device such as ColorMunki or SpyderPRINT. Alternatively, with the purchase of a full set of InkOwl Performance-D Sublimation Ink, you can benefit from our complimentary profiling service. Feel free to contact us for more information or to get started with a custom profile.

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