Brother B&W Laser Printers: Inexpensive to Buy and Refill

Tempted by the high speed, low maintenance, and high reliability of a black-and-white laser printer but unsure of which brand to buy? Curious to know which laser printers are the easiest to refill? Let us recommend Brother's line of laser printers to you!

Brother laser printers offer an extremely low cost-per-page and ease of refilling that is simply unparalleled in the printer market today. Here are the main advantages of a Brother printer compared to other brands:

Brother printers have separated drum units. The drum is the part of the print engine that actually transfers the image to the page. It is the most technologically advanced part and, therefore, most expensive part of a print engine. Brother printers have separate toner cartridges and drum units. Without a drum to wear out, the toner cartridges can be refilled many times without any drop in quality. The lack of an integrated drum also makes the cartridges cheaper.

Brother printers have no excess toner. Brother has developed a unique process which produces no excess toner in its black-and-white printers. This offers two advantages: 1. Saving toner powder, and saving costs  2. Not having to worry about emptying out the excess toner while refilling which simplifies the procedure.

Brother cartridges have no chips. By using purely mechanical methods to track toner levels, it is easy to reset these cartridges. There is no need to replace the chips when you refill, which makes the toner kits less expensive and reduces your cost per page. In addition, you will always be able to see an accurate toner level on your printer, even with a refilled cartridge.

Brother cartridges are built with toner plugs. Brother cartridges do not require any piercing of holes to access the toner compartment inside. This greatly simplifies the refill procedure and means you won't require any special tools.

By purchasing a printer that allows for easy refilling with high-quality results, you will be able to reduce your printing costs considerably. Even if you choose not to refill, aftermarket compatible cartridges are still very affordable because of the lack of an integrated drum.

A typical Brother refill procedure.

Sample cost information for a Brother B&W Printer (TN-360 models)

   Cost of consumables

 Cost per page 

 Original Brother Cartridges   Toner cartridge: $68.49
 Drum unit: $104.99


 InkOwl Compatible Cartridges  Toner cartridge: $36.95
 Drum unit: $47.95

(50% savings)

 InkOwl Refill Kits  Toner refills: $7.74
 Drum unit: $47.95

(80% savings)


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