Easy-to-refill Cartridge Pack for EPSON (T1261-T1264)
Part Number: IEP-SP-T126
Easy-to-refill Cartridge Pack for EPSON (T1261-T1264)
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Easy-to-refill Cartridge Pack for EPSON (T1261-T1264)
Part Number: IEP-SP-T126

This product contains 4 easy-to-refill cartridges compatible with EPSON printers.

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Our refillable spongeless cartridges allow you to use your printer without spending more money than you have to on original EPSON cartridges. Refilling original EPSON cartridges requires special tools and techniques, whereas refilling these cartridges is extremely simple. Simply remove the plug, simply inject the ink, simply replace the plug. That's all there is to it!

The cartridges come with auto-reset chips so your printer will always display accurate ink levels. No chip resetter is required to use this product.

*NOTE* The cartridges are provided empty and must be filled with separately purchased ink. It is essential that you use an ink specifically formulated to work in EPSON printers. For guaranteed performance and print quality for documents and photos, we strongly recommend InkOwl's Premium Pigmented ink formulation. It is also possible to use these cartridges with a speciality ink like our Performance-D Sublimation Ink or our Screenprinting Ink for Film Positives.

This product contains the following:

  • 1 Black Refillable Cartridge to replace EPSON T1261
  • 1 Cyan Refillable Cartridge to replace EPSON T1262
  • 1 Magenta Refillable Cartridge to replace EPSON T1263
  • 1 Yellow Refillable Cartridge to replace EPSON T1264
  • Easy detailed graphic instructions
T124120 (#124)
T124220 (#124)
T124320 (#124)
T124420 (#124)
T126120 (#126)
T126220 (#126)
T126320 (#126)
T126420 (#126)
T127120 (#127)
T127220 (#127)
T127320 (#127)
T127420 (#127)

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