Refillable Cartridge System for HP 940, 940XL
Part Number: IHP-SP-940
 Refillable Cartridge System for HP 940, 940XL
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Refillable Cartridge System for HP 940, 940XL
Part Number: IHP-SP-940

This product contains 4 elongated refillable cartridges compatible with HP 940 and everything you need to successfully install them in your printer

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This refillable cartridge system is designed to offer a quick, simple, and high-quality refill solution for HP OfficeJet Pro 8000 and 8500 printers. The ink tank design and easy-detach end cap eliminate all the problems associated with refilling your original HP 940/940XL cartridges while offering you many convenient advantages:

  • Refilling these cartridges is easy thanks to the conveniently located ink holes and provided funnels.
  • The cartridges are much larger than the originals which means you have to refill a lot less often.
  • The end cap is easy to detach, giving you the option to reuse your original cartridge chips
  • The cartridges are transparent allowing you to easily see the ink level inside.

The cartridges can be filled with up to 340ml of black ink and 130ml of each color ink, but if you're not ready to invest in a full load of ink, you do not have to fill the cartridges completely. We highly recommend you use our pigmented replacement ink for HP 940.

  • Our pigment ink is of an extremely high quality and matches HP specifications in all aspects from color reproduction to viscosity and pigment diameter. This ink will offer vivid, perfectly matched colors, and yield prints resistant to fading from UV exposure, smudging and water. This top-notch ink is an exact replacement of the original HP ink.
  • Our ink is guaranteed compatible with the original from HP and will not cause damage to your printheads. Cheaper dye inks can cause pigment coagulation which can ruin your expensive printheads. For this reason, we no longer feel we can offer a dye-based ink for HP 940, unlike what is mentioned in the video.

Note that these cartridges are sold without any chips installed. Permanent chips for HP 940/940XL are sold separately and are very easy to install (just peel off the adhesive backing and stick them into place). However, it is also possible to reuse the original chips from your existing cartridges (as shown in the video above).

  • Re-using your existing chips is the least expensive of the two options since there is no need to separately purchase a set of permanent chips. However, when re-using original chips, your ink levels will continue to descend until reaching empty. Once a cartridge ink level reaches empty, error messages will be displayed, but these can be simply ignored to continue with the print job. However, some users may find these pop-ups counterproductive. Note that once all four ink levels reach empty, these error messages should cease.
  • The installation of permanent chips is the ideal option. They are super-easy to install. With these chips installed, there will be no interrupting error messages allowing the printer to be used continuously without supervision. In addition, the chips will last indefinitely and will never need to be replaced.

This product contains the following:

  • 1 340ml Black Refillable Cartridge to replace HP 940
  • 1 130ml Cyan Refillable Cartridge to replace HP 940
  • 1 130ml Magenta Refillable Cartridge to replace HP 940
  • 1 130ml Yellow Refillable Cartridge to replace HP 940
  • 4 Pouring Funnels
  • 8 Air Filters
  • 1 Priming Syringe with Tip
  • Easy, detailed, graphic instructions
HP OfficeJet Pro
HP OfficeJet Pro 8500
HP OfficeJet Pro 8000 Wireless
C4902AN (#940)
C4903AN (#940)
C4904AN (#940)
C4905AN (#940)
C4906AN (#940XL)
C4907AN (#940XL)
C4908AN (#940XL)
C4909AN (#940XL)

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